Group Coaching this Month!

As a Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, we have over the past few months added to our list of services in order to meet the needs of our amazing members wishing to better their health!


Group visit sessions have been one of the many ways we deliver health education, tools to heal the body and mind, and ways to involve our members in the community. Research shows that social isolation is more detrimental to our health than obesity or even smoking! We are definitely creatures who thrive in community, no matter how introverted you may be! But we know that many do not have a support system to lean on or people in their circle who understand the ins and outs of dealing with chronic, often invisible illnesses. Group visits solve this dilemma, as we offer a safe space to express thoughts, emotions, and personal struggles in a non-judgemental space. Group visits also teach valuable communication and social support tools, as we allow members to each have a chance to share their thoughts, while others allow them to be held and seen


Our powerful group sessions are led by Chef Franklin, a lifestyle chef; Ruben Lespron, a registered dietitian; Geny Moreno, a mind-body medicine practitioner; and Dr. Cheng Ruan, MD. Each session will provide you with empowering skills. While Ruben and Franklin provide nutritional support, Dr. Ruan educates patients on the background information of disease with powerful tools to improve their quality of life, and Geny Moreno addresses the mental and emotional side of wellness. At TCLM, you get the whole package- tools to help build emotional resiliency, improve coping skills, nutrition tips and cooking tricks, community support, and powerful skills to grow your self awareness!


We offer both virtual and in person options so that you can get the care you need in a way that works for you. If you would like to learn more about our coaching programs, and have access to our group coaching schedule, click HERE.


So come join us for an informative and inspiring experience!


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