In-Person Mind-Body Medicine Group Sessions

If you have been feeling extra run-down lately, impacted by the stressors of everyday life and need to take a breather, here is your opportunity to take care of yourself! Thursday mornings, Geny Moreno will be leading her most popular Mind-Body Medicine interactive group visit in the clinic. At 8:30 AM, she will begin her Breathwork Group session. In this visit, Geny will be walking members through breathing techniques to improve autonomic nervous system function, promote relaxation, and improve vagal tone. This means you will leave feeling refreshed, with tools to take with you in everyday life, whether you are facing stressful circumstances or managing chronic health issues.


Evidence shows that breathing is so important for our immune function, cardiovascular health, metabolic function, and mental health. When we experience stress, or if we have accidentally trained ourselves to breathe improperly through habit formation, we rob our bodies of proper oxygenation and blood flow. This has several downstream impacts, and may even worsen stress responses when going through a challenging season. Retrain your body how to breathe properly in order to improve your overall health and mental wellbeing with Geny in her in-person group visit sessions every Thursday morning!


Feel free to stick around for Tai Chi as well at 10:45 AM. Movement can be so healing and meditative, especially when implementing the intentional movements used in Tai Chi, where breath is synchronized with motion. This is shown to improve vital signs, improve balance, cognitive function, and even emotional responses when practiced with consistency. Mind-Body tools can be such an empowering way to learn how to manage stress, cope with uncertainty, take control of your through life, and even boost immune function.


Show up for YOU, and we guarantee your body and mind will thank you! 

We hope to see you there!


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