Train Your Brain with Neurotherapy Technology

Here at TCLM, we love implementing neurotherapy training in our patients' healing programs for mental and emotional well being as well as brain health improvements. There is no denying that the U.S. is facing a mental health crisis, but many are suffering silently as they do not know where to turn for tools and support. Neurotherapy training is a great place to start in combination with other healing tools. The technology has shown to significantly improve mental and emotional health as well as brain and cognitive function as a whole.


Neurotherapy training has continuously been helping our patients who want to take their brain and mental health to a higher level. Patients who are struggling with sleep issues, anxiety, depression, fatigue, memory issues, brain fog, and other cognitive issues have seen significant improvements when using our technology consistently. Why is neurotherapy training so effective in improving brain and mental health?- The premise of its technology is based on neuroplasticity, the concept that, as humans, we can use our thoughts, minds and bodies to unwire and rewire responses and reactions to triggers and our environment. This is great news, as many suffering from anxiety and depression feel they are slaves to their reactions and emotions.


The topic of neuroplasticity has become even more prevalent, a topic of discussion in the health world as recent studies have debunked theories about the cause of anxiety and depression. Formerly, it was thought that depression was caused solely by low levels of serotonin or a chemical imbalance contributing to mental illness. However, recently, although we do not yet have all the information necessary to determine the complexities of depression, studies have revealed that the brain is highly neuroplastic and can be drastically altered through lifestyle changes. This means that physical and emotional stimuli create physiological impacts leading to depression, anxiety, and other cognitive changes. By having the tools to develop self-awareness, we can start there in order to create a new pattern within the brain and mind; hence why biofeedback can be so beneficial for rewiring the brain!


Making use of neurotherapy training may be the easiest yet most drastic step for those wishing to promote neuroplasticity. We recommend making use of other lifestyle changes that promote neuroplasticity as well, while using this technology as an incredible healing opportunity. We know that lifestyle changes require time and consistency before benefits are experienced, which is why neurotraining can be such a powerful tool to experience such results faster and with less effort initially. We often notice that this nudges users in a positive direction, kick-starting their cognitive health journey. This often urges them to make lasting changes for their health, including dietary improvements, implementing exercise in their routine, and prioritizing sleep.


The neurotherapy training we use here in the clinic is not only effective but also enjoyable! All you have to do is use specific equipment that measures brainwave activity while playing a game or watching a video included in the technology programming. The activities are tailored to your current health and the goals you are trying to achieve. The neurotherapy works by sending positive feedback when optimal brain activity is achieved by the user. This will allow the user to gain an awareness of how often their brain is functioning optimally, and when it is in a sympathetic mode, or a state of high alert and stress. This type of neurotherapy is training the brain to self-regulate in order to function optimally. For the user, this means spending more time throughout the day in a relaxed state, rather than fight or flight; improved mood overall; and decreased anxiety and symptoms of depression... This may also mean improved sleep and easier time falling asleep, and improved physical health overall as the mind is very closely connected to the body.


Neurotherapy training is a powerful tool used here at TCLM. Whether you are trying to gain control of anxiety, improve memory, or feel like yourself again, this technology may be a good option for you! Of course, healing involves addressing the body and mind as one whole entity, which is why we recommend meeting with coaches, plugging into a community of your choice (we offer many options to choose from), and always being guided by a practitioner who can create an individualized care plan with you! We are in this healing process together!


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