#WALK30, the Challenge you Need this New Year!

#WALK30, The wellness movement you need to be a part of! We love the #WALK30 Launch, led by Fit Houston for several reasons. As a clinic, we absolutely support the mission of decreasing chronic illnesses that have become so prevalent in the U.S., including diabetes, obesity, cancer, and hypertension. And what better way to do so than bringing community together by participating in a free and healthy activity!


This wellness campaign has blown up social media and grabbed the attention of clinics all around Houston to take part in this impactful movement . A coalition of leaders from the American Leadership Forum, Dialogue Houston, University of St Thomas, and University of Houston Downtown have partnered to launch a unified mission. This collective effort is passionate about this initiative to improving the health of our community in Houston through daily physical activity.


We love that the focal point of this wellness movement is physical activity, as movement has a wonderful way of bringing community together. Walking is shown to have a drastic impact on the health and well-being for all who make it a regular practice, and it comes at no cost! Grab a friend, family member, or the whole gang and join us as we walk toward health. All it takes is just 30 minutes of your time per day!


Here's how to join!- Star by downloading the MoveSpring app and enter the code FITHOUSTON.

If you have a competitive spirit like us at TCLM, you will want to use your tracking device such as an Apple Watch or FitBit to make sure each one of your steps is recorded! Want to see how you compare to the rest of us at TCLM? Join our team on the app at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine once you have the MoveSpring app!


Check out more information on this movement by following fithouston1 on Instagram. Use #WALK30 when you post your steps and activity!


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