Why You Need Health Coaching

Why do we recommend health coaching for all of our patients? Most of us know what we need to do in order to improve our health, such as exercise, eating healthy foods, prioritizing sleep, and managing stress. There is so much research, resources, and loads of free information at our fingertips, yet metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic illnesses continue to be on the rise.


Our society's mental health as a whole seems to be struggling more than ever, especially after the pandemic. Because there are so many resources and educational content is endless, we do not believe that the chronic physical illness and mental health crisis is due to a lack of knowledge, but an inability to know how to put the tools in action and remain on the course.


Though most of us know what we should be doing, it's quite another thing to have the support and guidance to make it happen. Behavior change takes a tremendous amount of effort with consistency, and psychological shifts must occur in order to begin a transformational journey. This often requires having the skills to become resilient, develop self-awareness, have the courage to look within, and have a space to feel, heal and be held. This is where the gift of high quality coaching comes into play. Coaches are trained to provide tools and resources for growth and emotional processing. But most importantly, coaches embody traits that promote safety, companionship, trust, compassion, and create a non-judgemental atmosphere where pateints and members are supported and held. This is key, as it allows the safety for patients to go on a deep and challenging journey within, exposing their internal obstacles and desires, while being guided through the steps toward becoming who they wish to be.


Though there are loads of free resources on the internet regarding nutrition, exercise, and more, we want to make sure our community is receiving quality information, backed by medical science, and individualized for their unique needs. The problem with taking in any and everything we read realted to health on the internet is that it is speaking to an audience as a whole, with no background information on each individual's unique health, history, goals, and propensities. It also is not able to speak to one's mentality, values, belief systems, motivators and unique struggles. This is why quality health coaching can provide insight, education, and personalized guidance that fill in the gaps between patient education and individualized implementation.


Many people ask the question: Does coaching really work? Statistics have shown that after just six coaching sessions, patients struggling with type 2 diabetes were able to significantly reduce their A1C levels in a few months. Patients find that the accountability, support and relatability they receive in group coaching programs drastically improve their ability to make healthy habits stick and transform their lives.


Group Coaching Programs allow for a diverse healing tribe of individuals to support and grow with one another, which is so powerful when trying to maintain changes. Positive social connection is in fact a necessity for maintaining health and wellness, as statistics show that social isolation may be more detrimental to one's health than obesity. We love witnessing new connections and friendships form between our group members, as they support one another! We know how challenging it can be to connect with people, especially in adulthood, who share common goals and interests. Group visits can make this happen, reminding us that we are in this together and that change is indeed possible!



We hope you will join our tribe and take control of your healing journey! Contact TCLM today to start your transformational journey through health coaching!


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