Prevent Sugar Cravings and Insulin Resistance with Lifestyle Changes

Are sugar cravings getting the best of you this holiday season? Most of us have or will struggle with sugar cravings at some point. Sugar is so sneaky in the way that it impacts our chemistry, hormone balance, cravings, and metabolic function. It is the number one endocrine disruptor, yet it is so prevalent in so many foods produced in the U.S. Sugar itself is not the main issue.. We believe that everyone should have a healthy relationship with their food and enjoy sugar moderately, to whatever degree suits their goals and health concerns. However, it is the over-consumption of sugar in our diets that leads to many issues down the line because of its impact on insulin.



Insulin is a critical hormone that plays an important role in inflammation, hormone imbalance, and cravings. While Insulin resistance is often associated with conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, it can also occur independently and contribute to other metabolic disorders as well. In order to understand the...

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Thanksgiving Feast! How Should We Eat During the Holidays?

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with loved ones, and engage in meaningful conversation around a table while enjoying delicious food. However, some struggle with guilt over eating certain foods, or worry about sabotaging their health goals that they forget to actually enjoy the food and precious moments. This is definitely not an outcome we wish for ourselves or our community!



Here is our philosophy on food and the holidays- We believe that it is important to honor our bodies, minds, and spirit by making choices that support both our physical and mental well-being in the long term. This means focusing on our values first and foremost, and adjusting with occasions to make sure we are living up to those values. For many, this means focusing on gratitude, relationships, rekindling connections with family and friends, and enjoying great company during holidays. This leaves less room for food fixation or guilt for enjoying an extra slice of your grandma's apple pie.


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