Miles for Migraine- Collaborating with Empowering Organizations in our Community!

As a lifestyle Medicine Clinic, we take great pride in collaborating with experts in the health field, especially those who work endlessly to find solutions for those struggling with chronic, often misunderstood and misdiagnosed conditions. 


Miles for Migraine is one of the many organizations we love collaborating with in our community in order to support an impactful mission. The vision for Miles for Migraine is to " create some “big noise” in the migraine community and raise awareness that migraine and headache disorders are more than “a headache.” As a Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, we know what it is like to experience chronic health issues or pain and receive no real hope for healing or change. This absolutely should not be the case. However, few practices have the tools, resources, or time to investigate new healing modalities for complex diseases. 


Therefore, we love collaborating with and supporting specialists who share our...

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