TCLM University- Educating Patients about their Health and How to Heal

We believe that one of the greatest missing pieces in healthcare, is providing adequate education available for patients regarding their health condition and steps to take in order to heal. Often patients feel that they are not given adequate time during their visits with conventional physicians to review important healing tools, such as background information regarding the pathology of their condition, nutrition guidance, lifestyle support, and more. They do not feel supported emotionally through the highs and lows of their healing journey as well. This has left so many patients feeling hopeless and lost in the medical system. This definitely should not be the case.


In order to provide a solution to this major downfall of the medical community, we have created an online university available for all of our patients  and members who subscribe to our website. Within the online university, patients will be able to select a course related to their specific needs. For...

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