Kitchen Behavior Training Group Session Recap- Don't Miss the Next one!

Yesterday, in our Kitchen Behavior Training session, we had such a great conversation around brain health and realistic lifestyle tools proven to impact brain and mental health. Lifestyle Chef, Franklin discussed useful cooking and meal planning tips to help us increase foods and (especially healthy fats) that love us back! He also shared tips used to reduce inflammatory fats that may be hidden in common foods we consume.

Ruben Lespron, Registered Dietitian, opened the floor for the group to share their idea of balance when it comes to healthy foods versus foods that may be deemed as “bad,” such as sugar. With our mind-body medicine practitioner, Geny Moreno, we dove deep into unpacking our relationship with food and belief systems we have constructed in our minds that impact our intake of quality foods!

We also discussed the powerful impacts of having positive community involvement and meaningful relationship connections. Geny discussed how quality friendships and positive interactions impact the vagus nerve, which controls our fight or flight response. When we surround ourselves with healthy people who love us and hold us accountable to our growth process, this even promotes positive changes to the health of our brain and changes our mental health for the better. Geny emphasized that in order to thrive as humans, we must be able to activate the parasympathetic state of the nervous system, rather than remaining in the fight or flight, or sympathetic state.


When we enter into the parasympathetic state, our body is able to turn on healing genes and activate pathways that allow us to heal, recover, and thrive rather than just survive. - How awesome is that! That is the power of positive, authentic, forever growing, and healthy community. 

Don't miss the next Culinary group visit! Contact us at 713-690-1991 or Text us at 713-597-4521 to sign up for the next one!


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