Read this Before You Set Your New Years Weight Loss Resolution

We are only a couple of weeks into the New Year, but I would bet that many people have already quit on their goals or resolutions for this new chapter. We have been there... A new season begins, the realization of the post holiday weight gain sets in, and perfectionism often takes over. Setting high expectations when walking into a new year is common practice, especially for most of us here in the U.S., a very fast-paced, achievement-glorifying environment that often glorifies external success or looks. In the midst of all of the noise and competitiveness, it can be challenging to determine what you truly want, why you are seeking your goals, and thus how to make steps toward the life you want in a realistic, fulfilling, and doable manner.


This is where health coaching can make all the difference! A health coach can help create realistic goals, identify obstacles to weight loss and metabolic health, and help you establish a plan with strategies to overcome mental barriers. Health coaches have the expertise and experience to understand each person’s individual health needs when it comes to weight loss and other related goals. They are also trained to ask deep questions that will help you gain self-awareness and discover what you truly want/need. Most of us are existing in autopilot or living by the expectations of others, versus believing we can do life differently... this would mean living a fulfilled life, based on our values, dreams, personal convictions, etc. Every decision we make is taking a vote into a person we want or do not want to become. A health coach can help you establish the awareness and strategies to allow the majority of your choices to begin to reflect your values, identity, and goals.


What does any of this have to do with weight loss? If you have ever been on a weight loss journey, you know that the majority of the work takes place in the mind. There is a daily mental battle taking place with each opportunity that presents itself to make a tough decision. Health coaches are able to provide support you in the areas of mental resiliency. They can help you establish a customized plan that takes into consideration health history, personal values, physical abilities, and time constraints. Once a plan is established, they serve as a emotional support and guidance through the mental and physical challenges of weight loss and other health goals.


Health coaches can also help hold people accountable throughout their journey towards achieving their goals. Accountability is key in remaining motivated, as well as creating long-term behavior changes. The regular check-ins with a coach can ensure that progress is made while celebrating successes along the way. Health coaches will encourage you to stay in alignment with your values and motivations, push you out of comfort zones if necessary, but most importantly, provide a safe space to express struggles without judgement. Health coaches lead with compassion and empathy... After all, they would not be so passionate about supporting others in their journeys if they had not experienced the struggles themselves.


This New Year can be the opportunity for you to make lasting changes towards your health and wellness goals. Health coaching is an invaluable tool that can help keep your physical and mental health on track while allowing yourself room to learn and grow.


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