Intensive Health Transformations Program

 What do our Transformations Programs offer?:

Community-driven programs designed by doctors and coaches who passionately guide members toward health and resiliency through education, compassionate guidance, empathy, and ongoing accountability within a safe and supportive virtual space. Our coaches and practitioners value trust with the support of members' external providers, health care team, family, etc. Coaches involved in the programs will be in close communication with members' established provider teams. This allows progress to be tracked and maintains accountability, as well as in-depth, personal support for each member.


The goal of the Intensive Transformations Programs is to not only heal physically but undergo character transformation through group sessions, like-minded member support, and personalized one-on-one care. Sessions are based on material that is backed by science, evidence-based functional nutrition, and mind-body medicine tools that encourage...

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Enduring and Enjoying the Holidays

The holidays often bring about so much joy and excitement for many as they are able to spend time with loved ones, possibly travel, and gather together with delicious food! However, with so many events and circumstances to attend to, the holidays may also bring about a sense of overwhelm, with less time to rest and recharge. For others, certain holiday seasons could bring about feelings of sadness, loneliness, grief, anxiety, or overwhelm. It can often bring peace to let go of expectations and refrain from pushing ourselves to be or feel a certain way, allowing ourselves to engage in activities in whatever capacity we wish. No matter what season you are experiencing in life, we wish that our community members would embrace peace and enjoyment, whatever that may look like, in situations that may not meet our expectations.


Therefore, we encourage giving ourselves permission to feel what we are feeling, rather than placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others. Not...

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